Kurrajong TV Transmitter

In March of this year, a new TV transmitter was switched on at Kurrajong Heights. A television transmitter is a device which broadcasts an electromagnetic signal to the television receivers. Put simply it sends the signal to your TV antenna.

The rationale for installing the transmitter was to address dead spots and reception problems in North Western Sydney. Many people living in the Hawkesbury district and Blue Mountains have had to resort to paying for Foxtel just to access free to air TV channels. Other homeowners have resigned themselves to the fact that they will always have poor TV reception.

The new transmitter addresses these problems for people suffering from poor reception living in these areas but also in other areas, such as Maroota, the Hills district, Berowra and other North Western Sydney areas.

We can tune antennas into this transmitter so that having to pay for the privilege of watching what is supposed to be free TV or putting up with sub-standard reception are a thing of the past. Often this means that you do not need to install a new antenna, as long as the one you currently have covers the required frequencies. Alternately, we can install a new digital ready antenna and tune it in for you.

To enjoy the benefits of the new transmitter, it is necessary to tune antenna in using a digital meter to find the correct signal. It is then a simple matter of tuning your TVs into the new channel arrangements. We can do all of this for you.

Keep in mind that the transmitter does not put out a lot of signal but, in our experience, the quality levels of the digital signal is very good. If you are connecting lot of TVs, this might mean that you need to install an amplifier to boost the signal. However, this is a one off cost that negates the need to shell out for pay TV every month.

Give us a call and talk to us about whether the new transmitter will result in a reception solution for you.

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