Reception Problems?

One of the most common questions we get asked is ‘Why is our reception so bad?’

There is no one-size- fits- all answer to this question. Causes of poor TV reception are varied. It might be that:
• the signal you are receiving is weak;
• there is some kind of interference at play; or,
• you have poor connections.

Reception problem 1: Weak signal
If your signal is weak you will have a very unreliable picture. It might break up or pixelate while you’re trying to watch your favourite show, or your sound might be popping. All in all a weak signal make for a very frustrating viewing experience.

Solution: If signal strength is the cause of your problems you might need to get an amplifier installed. An amplifier boosts your signal.

Alternately, you might need to relocate the antenna itself to somewhere on the roof where the signal is stronger. Or else, you might need a higher gain antenna that is better at picking up on the signal that is available.

Reception problem 2: Digital interference
With the advent of digital TV, reception problems like ghosting and snowy pictures are a thing of the past but this does not mean that there are no signal problems with digital viewing. Digital TV is susceptible to electrical interferences which create errors in the quality of the digital signal. The picture might freeze or skip.

Solution: We have seen many causes of digital interference from electric fencing, to air conditioners, computers, pool filters, hot water systems and down lights. If you think this is the cause of your problems, the best thing to do is to switch things around the house off one by one. If you turn something off and your picture is no longer affected you’ve located the source of your interference. This generally means there is a fault in the device that needs to be fixed.

Reception problem 3: Poor connections
Finally, if the connections to any part of your TV system are old style screw and saddle connections then you need to upgrade to F-type splitters. If the connections are poorly earthed you might also experience viewing problems. This means connections need to be redone correctly. You might also need better quality shielded cables that will cut down on interference.

Whatever your reception problems are, be assured that we are expert at finding them and overcoming them. Get in touch today and talk to us about what we can do to get you watching a clear and dependable picture.

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