Home theatre installation woes

We recently completed a home theatre installation job and found there were some lessons to be learnt for anyone installing projectors and sound equipment.

Our customer took careful and accurate measurements of their room and gave them to the retailer.

The catch? The room was three by four metres. The retailer made the assumption that the projector would be throwing the picture from the four metre wall when in fact it was to throw from the three metre wall. They sold them a projector that had to be at least three metres from the screen. This made the home theatre installation process tight and the installation was exacerbated by bulkheads that further limited the area in which the projector could be mounted.

We were able to save the situation by sourcing a bracket that allowed us to lower the projector and move it back and under the bulkhead and complete the home theatre installation process.

This could all very easily have gone wrong for the customer. It was only careful thinking, industry experience and a great deal of persistence that enabled us to solve the problem.

So what’s the lesson?  Be really specific about the room size and features when buying home theatre equipment. Better still get us out to physically inspect the room and put together a package that will work in the space.

Whilst retailers will sell standard packages, these often do not fit the requirements of the room. Home theatre is not one size fits all.

If you want the best result you need to get someone to customise a package for you. This is something we are really good at doing. We’re passionate about home theatre installation and will make sure you will get the best that your budget allows.

While we’re on the topic, also make sure you let an expert run the home theatre cables for you prior to installing a home theatre package. Our customer used an electrician who clearly did not understand how to run speaker cable and it was near to impossible to fix his mistakes because access was extremely limited.