Antenna Installation

Installing Digital Antennas

You might have an old or broken antenna that needs replacing, or maybe your antenna is not suitable for digital broadcasts. Perhaps you simply do not have an antenna at all. We can install/ replace your antenna in order for you to receive great digital pictures. We can choose the right, high quality, Australian made Hills antenna for your location and circumstances.

Fixing Reception Problems

Maybe you have lines running across your TV screen, maybe your picture is pixelating. Your TV might be displaying messages of ‘no signal’ or ‘weak signal’. Often solving the problem is as simple as replacing your current antenna system. Your TV reception is only as good as the antenna system that runs it. Alternately there might be trees or buildings that are blocking the signal being broadcast.

In addition to this, reception problems can be a result of an old analogue antenna. Installing a digital antenna is a simple fix and will ensure that your expensive TV produces an optimum picture.

Don’t put up with bad reception. Get in touch so we can come and diagnose, locate and overcome any reception problems you are experiencing.

Installing Amplifiers

You might live in an area with poor signal strength or be running multiple TV points that might be draining the signal. This can be overcome by installing a signal amplifier which boosts reception. We can test signal strength before installing your antenna and advise you as to whether or not an amplifier is required. We may even be able to tell you over the phone whether you need an amplifier based on the number of TV points you have and the reception area you are located in. If not, we can come and test your signal strength using advanced signal testing equipment. Either way, give as a call and let’s get the ball rolling.

Installing Additional TV Points

Maybe you want to watch TV in another room, perhaps you want to put your TV in a different spot in the same room or maybe you’ve moved into a house that doesn’t have enough TV points. Whatever the reason, we can install additional TV points that will let you watch TV in any room you like. We can do this in such a way that ugly cables are not left running across the floor. This means people will not trip over them and your decorating scheme will not be undermined. Just tell us how many TV points you need and whether they are located upstairs or downstairs and we can give you a price.

Internet Cabling for Smart TV

We can install internet cabling for smart TVs. This allows you to use your new smart TV to its fullest capabilities while being hardwired to your router. This means that you have faster and more reliable internet access.

Insurance Work

Your antenna might have been destroyed by a falling tree in a storm or suffered a lightning strike. We have experience working with insurers so that your antenna systems can be fixed as quickly as possible and will happily walk you through the process. Just contact us and we can organise a quote that will satisfy your insurance company.

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