Audio Visual

Enjoy the impact of visually spectacular Hollywood blockbusters, and major sporting events as though you are at the ground.

Listen to all your favourite music anywhere in the house—indoors or outdoors.

Get the maximum performance from your home theatre system.

Speaker Installation

AMA Antennas & Home Theatre can

  • install speakers indoors and outdoors
  • mount speakers on walls or in the ceiling—just imagine listening to your music while taking a shower or cooking a barbeque
  • set up and program components

Audio Video Distribution/ Multi-Zone Audio Video

The technology is now available to play your audio or video in any room of your house at any time, and it’s something that our clients are increasingly requesting. We can set-up systems such as this so you can enjoy your music and movies in a way that suits your lifestyle. It is the mark of a truly modern home. These systems allow you to watch free to air TV, Foxtel, or your favourite DVD; use your media player; and listen to the radio, a CD, or your iPod where and when you want to. A major advantage to having a system like this is the fact that it allows you to centralise all the components. It also means that you do not need to purchase multiple items like DVDs and CD players.

Foxtel Playback Systems

Why limit yourself to watching Foxtel in one room on one TV? We can install a system whereby you can watch it on any TV and in any room in the house. We can do this with a new digital system or an analogue system. We can even install a remote extender to use anywhere in the house so you do not have to be directly near your Foxtel box to change the channel, fast forward or rewind with IQ.

Remote Extenders

Remote extenders do just what the name suggests—they extend the range of remote controls in your home. Using a remote extender you can adjust volume and change TV channels, without being in physical proximity to the component being used. They can even be used outdoors.

Universal Remotes

Universal remotes can be programmed to replace all of the various remote controls in your house. Instead of having a plethora of remotes you only need one. Universal remotes keep everyone in the house happy. Technology buffs will enjoy using them and the neat freaks will love the fact that half a dozen remote controls can be put away so they no longer clutter up the coffee table. You can even get universal remotes that have the capacity to have all your devices and components hidden. They work around corners and through walls and doors. We can source them and program them for you.

Talk to us about how we can configure your home theatre and audio visual equipment.

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