Home Theatre Installation and Supply

A well set up home theatre is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

With so many cables and connections though, home theatre installation can be complicated and time consuming.

We can take all the hassle out of putting together your home theatre system. We supply and fit high quality HDMI cables, optic fibre cables and speaker cable at a fraction of the cost large retailers charge.

Optimise Your Home Theatre Experience

AMA Antennas & Home Theatre is expert in making sure that your home theatre system is installed properly. We’ll help you to use it to its fullest extent by explaining its features to you in plain English so you don’t have to wrestle with baffling instruction manuals.

We can even provide advice as to what home theatre systems you should buy. We can also supply  home theatre equipment for you, taking all the guess work out of the process.

Things to Consider When Setting Up Your Home Theatre:

TV Mounting

Just bought a new Plasma, LCD or LED TV? TV Mounting will make the most of your purchase. Not only does TV mounting make the room more attractive, it also frees up valuable space on the top of entertainment units and stops children from being able to get their hands all over your costly TV. Let’s face it; you don’t want to be watching TV through a haze of dirty fingerprints!

Having TVs mounted on walls is also safer for children who will not be able to pull the TV down on themselves. Mounted TVs mean that you do not have to shell out for expensive media cabinets or stands. We can even hide ugly cables for you.

Why Use a Professional for TV Mounting and Projection Screen Installation

TV mounting is tricky without the right tools and experience. We have both of these things so sit back and relax and we’ll do it all for you.

We can supply brackets that can swivel and can hold the weight of your extra-large TVs. We can mount TVs in lounge rooms, media rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, outdoors, the home gym, or just about anywhere you want one. We can also provide advice as to what TV will best meet your needs.

We can also install projectors and projector screens for the ultimate cinema experience.

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