Digital TV switchover

Christmas is fast approaching and in the lead up to it Sydneysiders have to get ready for something else: the digital TV switchover

According to the schedule set by the Australian government, analogue signals will be switched off on December 3 this year. A lot of people are not prepared for the digital TV switchover. Simply put, many households will need to change their old antennas to digital ready antennas. Continue reading

Kurrajong TV Transmitter

In March of this year, a new TV transmitter was switched on at Kurrajong Heights. A television transmitter is a device which broadcasts an electromagnetic signal to the television receivers. Put simply it sends the signal to your TV antenna.

The rationale for installing the transmitter was to address dead spots and reception problems in North Western Sydney. Many people living in the Hawkesbury district and Blue Mountains have had to resort to paying for Foxtel just to access free to air TV channels. Other homeowners have resigned themselves to the fact that they will always have poor TV reception.

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