AMA Antennas only use high quality, Australian made Hills antennas. These products are specifically designed for Australian conditions. Don’t settle for cheaply made imported antennas. Through Hills we have access to everything you need.

We use digital meters to position the antenna for the best signal available in your area; resulting in a clear, trouble-free television experience.


We use Hills Tru-Band™ antennas that are a revolutionary new combination antenna for Australian capital cities that have been designed for the digital-only TV environment in Australia. The Tru-Band™ Metro antenna provides sufficient gain for all prime capital city locations and is built to provide years of trouble-free viewing. We also use the Tru-Band™ Metro Plus (Black Arrow) which has additional gain for lower signal areas and comes in a sensational all-black finish for low visual impact, especially on modern homes.

For some jobs we use the SMX24B+. This is an inner fringe heavy duty antenna with double sided UHF elements and trigonal reflector for improved performance. Designed and manufactured in Australia for reception of VHF (Band III) and UHF signals. Suitable for reception of digital TV in Australian capital cities

Our antennas

  • have high quality components that are designed with strong aluminium booms and elements for superior corrosion resistance
  • have galvanised steel boom for more rigid antennas
  • use UV stabilised plastics for durability under harsh Australian conditions
  • have powder coated booms for longer life and improved aesthetics

TV Brackets

These come in a variety of sizes and features ranging from super slim fixed mounts to tilting and articulated mounts. You can choose a bracket that meets your needs. For instance, you might choose an articulated mount that allows you to swing the TV outwards and in multiple directions. This means that if you are in the kitchen and want to see the TV in the lounge room, the TV can be moved to a position from which you can see it.


Amplifiers are used to boost the incoming signal to provide good pictures where you have multiple outputs or when you live in poor reception areas. The Hills Q-amp is the ideal product for domestic and commercial applications. It has been specifically designed to provide versatile amplification of broadband TV signals. Several unique design features ensure that the amplifier is adaptable to a wide range of conditions.

Lead Flashing

We install lead flashing with rubber boots, which cover the entire roof tile. This reduces the likelihood of water penetrating the roof, which can cause extensive damage.


We use RG6 Quad Shielded and Tri-Shielded coaxial cable. This is the cable recommended by the majority of digital providers. This cable reduces interference and produces pictures of the highest quality. For commercial jobs we also use RG11 cable.


We use F type connectors which are more reliable than the older saddle and screw style. They are more secure and less prone to corrosion than other connectors.

All of our installations use water tight crimp connections and carefully installed cable runs that ensure you will no longer have to worry about waterlogged or brittle sun damaged cables.

Digital Set Top boxes

We use set top boxes that have the following features:

  • HDMI output
  • 7 day electronic program guide
  • Audio output
  • Dolby R Digital 5.1 channel surround sound
  • Parental locks
  • Low power consumption

Power Boards

We can provide high quality surge protected power boards to protect your expensive TVs and home theatre systems from power surges at a fraction of the cost of retailers.

HDMI Cables

The cables we use are suitable for all situations. They are Version 1.4 compatible for use with 3D and all HD sound and picture formats. They are Foxtel approved. They are used to connect devices such as DVDs, Foxtel, BluRay players, media players, DVRs, digital set top boxes, amplifiers etc. They will give you the best picture and sound possible. We can provide them at significantly less than retailers and at varying lengths to suit any application.

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